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Welcome from the Bear Dog Family: Nathan, Pete, and the infamous Marley-Bear-Dog. Thanks for visiting us!

We care about 3 things here: Bikes and Dogs and Treats. Wait, treats? Maybe we shouldn’t let the dog edit anymore…Okay, back to the point. 

We love bikes here! Mountain bikes, road bikes, comfy bikes, kid’s bikes, big bikes, little bikes…. you get it. Whether you are buying your first bike or have been racing the local circuit for years we can accommodate your needs. Give us an e-mail, call or just bring yourself on down. We enjoy the company.


Meet The Team

Nathan - Owner of Bear Dog Bicycles, Pittsburgh, PA


Nathan is an experienced mountain biker who races in the local cross country and enduro circuits. He contributes to the future of the sport by building single track at Riverview Park with Trail Pittsburgh. It’s unlikely that a bike part exists that Nathan has not somehow broken and repaired. He knows the best components through experience. The most important part of all of this is that is gives Marley endless hours of fun chasing a back wheel through the wilds of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Peter - Bear Dog Bicycles


Peter is tall – like really, really tall. And built like a lumberjack. In olden days, they would consider him a giant. That’s why his bike looks like a monster truck. It’s just fitting. Peter is also a smart guy. So when you combine his ability to reach objects on the top shelf and his bike knowledge, he becomes a very valuable person around the shop. Another great thing about Peter is for most of his life, he has been spending time in the wilderness in every weather condition imaginable. He really knows his outdoor survival stuff. So if you ever need to know how to prepare for your next wilderness adventure, don’t be afraid to ask him. With all his knowledge, we sometimes we wonder if Pete really is a mythical giant from the forest.


Marley (aka Bear Dog)

Marley, otherwise known as Marley Bear, is one of those creatures that comes along very rarely. We aren’t sure what he actually thinks he is, Bear or Dog. But, we do know this: he’s never had a bad day in his life. (Even that one day when he had his procedure). He reminds us that happiness is found enjoying the simplest things like bikes and outdoors and treats. Definitely treats. If you really want to know the Bear Dog, come down and give him a pat on the head and a slice of jerky. He’ll really be glad you did.